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Is your property ready for a storm?

If you identify and correct the following issues, it is less likely that your trees will be damaged and cause damage that could endanger structures, vehicles, and loved ones.



Ask yourself our five pre-storm tree assessment questions:

  1. Do I have the 4D's: dead, diseased, decayed and damaged branches or trees?
  2. Do I have branches or trees rubbing against each other?
  3. Do I have branches that need to be pruned away from my roof and utility lines?
  4. Do I have entire trees which are too close to (or leaning towards) my home or business?
  5. Do I have tree canopies that are too dense for high winds to safely pass through? (Thinning out such crowns will improve airflow - like making holes in a sail so that wind is less likely to topple trees.)
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Our Florida Certified Arborist, Dani Keller, Investigating a Tree Hole

During our free pre-storm inspection, one of our Certified Arborists can give you professional recommendations on these hazards as well as inspect and correct more technical issues such as: damaged roots, lopsided crowns, weak joints, improperly spaced lateral branches, poor branch angles, co-dominant stems, imbalanced branch-trunk size ratios, included bark, signs of interior rot, insect or fungal infestations, species with low wind-resistance, or improper prior trimming (such as topping or lion-tailing). He or she may recommend branch reductions to reduce weight and encourage healthy growth.

Unlike a quick trip to fill up your gas cans, this aspect of hurricane readiness takes time. So, remember to start early - weeks or months early. If you wait until a storm is heading your way, you may find yourself sharing our focus with hundreds of others! Request your free pre-storm inspection today from the top-rated tree service in Central Florida. Call 407-416-2704 or submit your request via Live Chat (bottom right) or here. Thank you and be safe!